Crazy Contacts Review

Crazy Contacts Review

I’ve never really done one of these before so I hope someone finds this helpful and informative! I was in need of some coloured contact lenses for my Hollow Ichigo cosplay that I had planned for the recent Japanese Summer Festival in Melbourne the past weekend. Anyways they needed to be yellow and I needed them in 1 week’s time, my fault for leaving it til the last minute, I know.



All the little kiosks scattered around the Melbourne CBD were sold out and all novelty stores that sell contact lenses had literally every single colour…except yellow 🙁 I reached out to my dear friend Neko who advised me on Pinky Paradise, a well known online store for cosplayers and their coloured contact lenses needs. Can you believe it, they were sold out of yellow contact lenses as well!! By now, I was well and truly losing my shit as I had about 5 days left. I turned to Google Sensei and came across an Australian based business called Crazy Contacts.


I checked and they had the plain yellow ones that I was looking for and for under $30 as well! Keep in mind that the average price that I had seen for contact lenses was in the area of $50 so as a massive plus, the price suited me fine. Plus add another $17 for express delivery and I was still ahead for pricing. They arrived 2 days later and after soaking them, I popped them in. I have to say, I was extremely pleased with how they felt once I wore them in, I wasn’t sure what to expect considering how cheap they were but I have no issues with being a return customer and recommending them to other friends and cosplayers. The only gripe I have is that even though they were yellow, they didn’t appear to be solid yellow meaning they looked a bit greeny when I was wearing them. I do have extremely dark brown eyes though so maybe that’s just par for the course with my eye colour.


But overall, two thumbs ups and thanks for saving the day Crazy Contacts!!

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