KFC Japan Receives Pokemon Goods

KFC Japan Receives Pokemon Goods

Continuing on the recent Pokemon 20th anniversary comes these goodies from Colonel Sanders in Japan. KFC Japan will be receiving quite a few Pokemon related goodies commencing on March 17th that will be part of their meals. What kind of things you ask? Well, there’ll be a specially marked Pokemon chicken bucket, placemats, figures and game kits.

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Let’s have a closer look at what’s coming to them.

For an extra ¥190, you cam order these over the top kawaii figurines for your drink straw. How awesomely cute are these!? You won’t be able to choose which one’s you actually received but still, they’re so cheap that it’ll be fun trying to catch ’em all! (Yeah, I went there). What’s up are Yancham (Pancham), Keromatsu (Froakie), Fokko (Fennekin), Ninfia (Sylveon), Harimaron (Chespin) and of course, Pikachu.

pokemon straws

Speaking of catch ’em all, there is a pack that contains all of them and will be sold for ¥2,500. And you also get a cute tote bag, a stand for them and vouchers for 6 drinks! We mentioned the game kits before? What that actually contains is a set made of cardboard that allows you to thrown a Pokeball at the various Pokemon to catch them.

pokemon catch pokemon catch2

It’s made up of different character cards totalling 16 and you also get a choice of either a forest or street scene. But the best is for last! Beginning with April 21st and timed to coincide with the holiday period known as the Golden Week, this yummy looking set will be going on sale. Crispy Strips, 4 pieces of Original chicken and Fries, all in a special bucket and with a Pikachu placemat included, this will be selling for ¥1,890.

Does anyone feel like some KFC right about now?

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