New Japan Patrol Cars Hit The Streets

New Japan Patrol Cars Hit The Streets

Cruising around Japan in a modded car and you get the urge to unleash your inner speed demon and tear up the streets? You’d better think twice with the unveil of the new patrol cars that the Kasumigaseki District of the Chiyoda Ward in Tokyo have just taken receivership of.

The Nissan 370Zs, as it’s known across the globe, goes by the far more unassuming name of the Nissan Fairlady Zs in Japan. And it’s these soupped up cars that you’ll need to outrun now.

nissan police car

The reactions from Japan netizens have been highly positive.

“You’ll never be able to escape! Um, not that I’m planning to do anything illegal…”

@NissanJP @ATROPOS_43 逃げ切れる気がしねぇ…いや、悪いことはしませんが…

ななたん (@mizuki_fate_17) March 31, 2016


@MPD_koho かっけぇ(*^▽^*)

うおぬまゆう@アンチヒ単行本発売中 (@uonuma_yu) April 04, 2016

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