Omakase Hatsune Miku Unboxing Video

Omakase Hatsune Miku Unboxing Video

I signed up a little while ago for one of those monthly loot type box subscription services. Turns out it was the last one and they were closing the service…just my luck 🙁 Anyways, it was courtesy of an anime streaming site called Viewster who had started the monthly service called Omakase. It was a bi-monthly service with the first month being Kill la Kill, the second month being Naruto and the third and final box being dedicated to Hatsune Miku!

I’m a big fan of Miku and had to sign up on the spot. After a little over 3 weeks, I received the box in the mail and thought I’d do my first ever unboxing video…which you can see below. It wasn’t a bad offering, I was expecting a bit more quality but still can’t complain! Check out the video below.

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