Nintendo Diorama Kits Go On Sale In Japan

Those Amiibo from Nintendo have become extremely popular, seemingly overnight and Nintendo Japan have released some exciting news for collectors. One constant annoyance that seems to come up is, “what’s the best way way to display your Amiibo?” EB Games sell a cool stand in stores but that has limitations even though it looks pretty cool.

amiibo stand

Nintendo have come to the party and released some pics of soon to be released diorama kits to better display your amiibo and make them extra cool at the same time.

diorama 1

At launch, two different kits will be up for grabs. The first one is based on the ever popular Super Smash Bros. and looks great giving you the option of displaying different amiibo in different fighting scenarios. The second one is a Kirby based kit that comes with various props for display purposes.

diorama 2

They’re not too pricey retailing for ¥864 when they hit the stores on April 24th. It might only seem like a couple to get started but it just sounds like Nintendo is testing the waters to see how these sell. No doubt they’ll be watching sales before releasing some inevitable kits like a Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros or maybe even a Mario Kart one? Hopefully they’ll make the jump to Australia too.

diorama 3

diorama 4 diorama 5 diorama 6 diorama 7 diorama 8 diorama 9 diorama 10

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