Yummy Mart Pokemon Lingerie Collection

Yummy Mart Pokemon Lingerie Collection

Is everyone 18+ around here? Excellent stuff, this next post may be a bit much for the younger readers. Peach John is an apparel maker from Japan and one of their sister brands is YUMMY MART who have just announced that they’re going to be releasing a 5 piece Pokemon lingerie set. Yes that’s right…Pokemon lingerie.

poke lingerie 1

The models seen in these pictures (Risa Nakamura, Tomoco Nozaki and Monica Sahara) are wearing the lingerie lineup consisting of pyjamas, underwear, Pikachu ponchos and sleep masks.

poke lingerie 2

poke lingerie 3

Unfortunately the Pikachu plushie bra won’t be up for purchase, it’ll be used as a promo and displayed at their YUMMY MART stores at Ikebukuro Parco, Shibuya 109 and Shibuya Parco.

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