Bandai Releases Underwater Submarine For Goldfish

Bandai Releases Underwater Submarine For Goldfish

Yeah, you read that heading right. CCP which is a subsidiary of Bandai will be releasing this cute submarine for your fish tank complete with camera. The device functions with the aid of a remote control and will make you feel like you’re right in the thick of it among your aquatic friends. Releasing on April 28, the submarine will allow you navigate left, right and even comes with side lights mounted for some night time exploring.

sub cam 1

There’s even an attachment for storing food so your fish are sure to get up nice and close to the camera for that all important picture. The camera specs are VGA: 640×480 pixels taking 30 FPS and allowing you to record up to 5 minutes of video. You can also operate the submarine in 50 degree Celcius water. It’s a tad pricey at ¥10,778 or close to $100 but if you love your fish, gadgets and would love to combine both then this is the toy for you.

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