New Attack On Titan Collaboration

New Attack On Titan Collaboration

I’ve said this before but Japan LOVES their collaborations. Whether it’s anime x with a fast food outlet or something along those lines, there’s always something new coming out. Recently we heard of a new collaboration between the hit series, Attack On Titan, and Araiguma Rascal/Rascal the Raccoon, a popular and long running series on Japanese TV. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Rascal the Raccoon so the powers that be put their heads together for this joint venture.

aot_rascal 1

On May 1st, a temporary store will open its doors selling Attack on Titan x Rascal the Raccoon items. The store will be opening in Harajuku (where else?) and will see items being sold with illustrations combining both series’.

aot_rascal 2

The AoT characters seeing a crossover are Armin, Eren, Hange, Levi and Mikasa.

Source: atpress

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