New Totoro Stamps For LINE App

New Totoro Stamps For LINE App

The LINE messaging app is extremely popular in Japan. It’s an easy and widespread medium for friends and family alike to stay in touch for free. But one of the more exciting and cute features of the app are the stamps which you can use in your messaging. The stamps can either be free or premium which incurs a small cost but you tend to get a decent handful so it’s completely worth it.

Some new stamps have just been released featuring Studio Ghibli’s Totoro character along with the catbus and dust bunnies in various poses with cute messages on them.

totoro line 1

The stamps will set you back ¥240 so it’s only a couple of dollars for around 40 stamps so it’s great value. The amazing artwork on the stamps has been handled by Toshio Suzuki who worked on the My Neighbour Totoro feature film and is also a Studio Ghibli producer.

totoro line 2

Hayao Miyazaki was also asked to produce the stamps and declined as he felt that Suziki would produce a better result. I’m a LINE user and have already bought these stamps and I can personally say that they’re amazing and really detailed and cute! If anyone wants to hit me up on LINE, my user ID is: Japandaman71

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