Death Note 2016 Teaser Poster Revealed

Death Note 2016 Teaser Poster Revealed

I’m a bit excited about these news being a huge fan of the Death Note series. I love the 2 live action movies based on the anime but not so much the 3rd movie which serves as a stand alone movie prior to the events of Death Note. There’s a new live action move coming out that had been carrying the title Death Note 2016.

Today saw the cover being taken off the teaser poster for the movie along with the final name of the movie, Death Note Light up the NEW world.  The poster actually has quite a bit of information in it for a teaser. First off, there’s Masahiro Higashide taking on the role of Tsukuru Mishima, the investigator at the Death Note Countermeasures Headquarters Special Unit. Next there’s Sousuke Ikematsu cast as Ryuzaki who is L’s real successor and lastly Masaki Suda as Yuuki Shien in the middle of the poster, a cyber-terrorist.

death note 2016

More importantly, there’s the Light Yagami (Tatsuya Fujiwara) and L (Kenichi Matsuyama) from the previous movies as well as an ominous silhouette of the apple loving shinigami, Ryuk. Shidou Nakamura will be returning as the voice of Ryuk once again. As far as timeline goes, this new feature is set ten years after the events that occurred in the two movies before it.

I’m curious to see it, hopefully I’ll find out more in the lead up to the October 29 release.

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