McDonalds X Nanoblocks Collaboration

McDonalds X Nanoblocks Collaboration

Japan and collaborations…everywhere you look, there’s a new one. And now the famous fast food outlet, McDonald’s is jumping into the fray (yet again) and teaming up with Nanoblock. The joint venture is to celebrate the release of the “Grand Big Mac” which has two meat patties and the “Giga Big Mac” which maxes out at FOUR meat patties. In case you’re in the dark about Nanoblock, they’re those tiny kits you can buy and construct various different things. I bought a Pokemon Pikachu one which I still can’t put together 🙁

mc nanoblock

Anyways, the Nanoblock kits on offer are tiny versions of the McDonald’s food ranging from a Big Mac to French Fries and  a shake. Each kit will be sold for ¥400 or alternately, you can purchase all three for ¥1,150.

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