Hatsune Miku Symphony Headed For Tokyo

Hatsune Miku Symphony Headed For Tokyo

Two things I love coming together puts a smile on my face, Hatsune Miku and classical music. In a special one off event for just one night, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and Crypton Future Media are coming together on August 26, 2016. The blue haired Vocaloid will be providing the vocals while backing music will be provided by the orchestra.

miku orchestra

The event will be going down in the Chiyoda ward at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A in Marunouchi. If you want to grab tickets, they go on sale June 28. Class A seats will set you back ¥8,000 while a special seat that comes with a pamphlet and limited goods will sell for ¥14, 800. As a bonus, formal attire won’t be required and casual dress will be the code for the night.

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