Resident Evil 20th Anniversary PS4 Edition

Resident Evil 20th Anniversary PS4 Edition

The Resident Evil series is my 2nd all-time favourite gaming series, right behind Metal Gear Solid. Capcom have just shown off these special limited edition PS4 units which look amazing! They were recently announced  by Sony on the Playstation Blog to mark the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil or Biohazard as it’s known in Japan.

The PS4 models will have one of two art designs. The first being artwork showcasing the 20th anniversary while the other will feature artwork from Biohazard Umbrella Corps. Both designs will be available in either black or white 500GB PS4 consoles. There will be a 1TB version as well but that one will only be shipping in black, no white variation has been announced as yet.

biohazard20 ps4

umbrellacorps ps4

As well as being incredible looking units on the outside, the consoles will also feature special packaging artwork and a unique menu theme to match.

biohazard20 art

biohazard20 menu

The units will be hitting Japan on June 23rd, the same release day for Umbrella Corps. The good news is that in the West, we’ll be getting the game on June 21st for both PC and PS4.

PS. Don’t know what Umbrella Corps is? Here’s a trailer for you.

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