Cosplayer Of The Month July 2016: REIKA

Cosplayer Of The Month July 2016: REIKA

Time to choose the Japandaman Cosplayer of the Month! And this time around it’s none other than REIKA! Reika is regarded as one of the most highly technical cosplayers around. Her cosplays are extremely intricate which she puts together all herself, her wigs are nothing short of astounding and her make up skills are unparalleled. One aspect of her cosplays that she is well known for is primarily cosplaying as male characters, or what’s commonly called, crossplay. No matter what she does, you just know that it’s going to be nothing short of amazing, impressive and something you won’t forget.

We were lucky enough to interview Reika at SMASH! 2014 for It’s Japan, Man. Here’s myself and Neko with the interview.

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