You Can Buy Cat Head Masks In Japan

You Can Buy Cat Head Masks In Japan

More from the basket of “Why but the why the hell not?” comes these new cat heads that you can get customised and ordered from Japan.

catheads 1

These ultra realistic heads are courtesy of Housetsu Sato, a Japanese based artist who specialises with working with wool as his preferred medium. He started designing them after making one for a school festival and it took off with the students and the demand began. The heads look like the real deal thanks to the woollen texture, fur markings and the freaky eyes that you’ll find yourself drawn to!

catheads 2

catheads 3

Nothing like waiting for public transport looking something like this:

catheads 4

In case you’re thinking these look cool but they must cost a fair bit…then you’d be correct. You’re looking at shelling out ¥648,000 or over $6,400! But if you have the cash to go around, then head on over to the Japanese Dwango site to place your order.

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