Wonder Festival 2016 Summer Rundown

Wonder Festival 2016 Summer Rundown

As a first figure post from me, it seems only natural that it be about the biggest semi-annual figure trade show, Wonder Festival!

WonFes is run in February and July/August each year in Chiba, Tokyo. The most recent WonFes was hosted on 24th of July. For us figure collectors, Wonder Festival is like Christmas. Except we have to buy everything we see that excites us, and sometimes wait several years before something goes from an announcement to pre-order. But on that note, I want to share with you a few notable items shown at the event just past!


Naturally there are many more to admire, of which you can find an extensive list I’ve prepared here. Several items have already gone up for pre-order so get your orders in so you don’t miss out.

Beyond this, Good Smile Company and Orange Rouge have revealed their Nendoroid 10th Anniversary Next Nendoroid Survey Results.


How exciting is it to see that they will be making some characters that people have been waiting a long time for, like Holo!

For more information around Wonder Festival, feel free to check out my new Figure 8 Podcast where we talk about announcements in more detail. More parts to drop in the next few days.


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