Personal blog post…of sorts :)

Personal blog post…of sorts :)

I have this site I’ve been running for a while now and one thing I never really do is use it as a platform to blog about me, Japandaman. I’m always writing about the crazy, cool and otaku stuff that I love about Japan but I never talk about me. I think I’m going to start introducing posts about me and what I do when I’m not blogging about Japan.

Like how I love K-Pop and I’m now a K-Pop DJ, how I’m a Mirai Smart Doll owner (that girl brings me lots of joy), how I produce a community TV show and host it with my bestie and the coolest girl going around and the conventions that I love going to and what I get up to there.

If at any point, people feel as I’m rambling, then by all means, tell me to shut up and get on with it, lol! 🙂

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