Cosplayer Of The Month September 2016: CelestiialMoon

Cosplayer Of The Month September 2016: CelestiialMoon

So I missed my monthly Cosplayer Of The Month segment…apologies 🙁 But it’s back with a brand new cosplayer from the US that I recently discovered. Welcome CelestiialMoon to the monthly pages of COTM! She’s someone I found on Instagram and realised that she had pretty much cosplayed all my favourite characters. From Sucker Punch’s Baby Doll, Kantai Collection’s Shimakaze, my deadset fave from Neon Genesis Evangelion Asuka Langley, Misty from Pokemon and so many more!

The pics below are just a sample of her amazing work and I’ve included links to her IG account and Facebook page below the gallery!

Links for more of her awesome work:

Instagram: Celestial Suicide

Facebook: CelestiialMoon

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