PS Vita Receives 2 New Colours For Japan

PS Vita Receives 2 New Colours For Japan

It’s funny how the PS Vita does pretty good business in Japan which is evident by the amount of support it receives from developers releasing games for it. Yet at the same time, it’s failed miserably in pretty much every other territory outside Japan.

The success of the Sony handheld in Japan is enough to warrant two new colour models being released on December 1 as outlined today at the 2016 Playstation Conference. So what are the new colours? They’re Silver and Metallic Red PS Vita colour variations which actually look pretty good as seen in the pic:

How hot are these colours? But look at that metallic red!!

But if the pic isn’t enough, here’s a video showing them off better:

Oh man…that red one though! I actually tried to track down the red OLED model a few years back in Japan but I missed out on it. This red one…*drool*

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