First Impressions – Occultic;Nine

First Impressions – Occultic;Nine

Ok, so there’s a lot going on in this very fast paced new season anime: Occultic;Nine…I couldn’t really keep up with everything that was going on 100% but I’ll try and break it down. Just some quick info on this latest anime. The light novel it’s based on is from the creator of Steins;Gate, Chiyomaru Shikura.


Early on, we meet Yūta Gamon, by his own admission, an otaku and a virgin, who runs a paranormal aggregate site called “Kiri Kiri Basara”, a blog which collects all postings and information about new stories involving the occult and the paranormal. He gives each story his own slant and then sits back and hopes the viewers come so he can make money from the various affiliations.


We also meet a really cutie called Ryoka Narusawa who delights in shocking him with her own stun gun. She also happens to be a spirit guide.


Yūta is excited beyond belief when he realises that a young fortune teller and TV celebrity called Miyū Aikawa attends his school. He sets his sights on getting an interview with her to drive traffic to his site.


Meanwhile, in a different part of town, we meet Aria Kurenaino, a practitioner of the dark arts who specialises in placing curses on people provided she has a hair sample and some other information as well.


There are other characters as well that are introduced and slowly start to come together in this first episode but be prepared for some very breakneck speed story telling. I’m not kidding when I say this story moves along at a hectic pace with constant image flashes and name introductions and location changes. No spoilers but the episode finishes rather dramatically on a bit of a cliffhanger.

I know most anime’s deserve at least the first three episodes to be watched before making a final decision on whether you’ll add it to your season viewing and this one is no different. Did I like it? I’m not sure to be honest but do I want to find out what’s going to happen and where it’s going to? Absolutely. In fact, this is one anime that would benefit from a dubbed version if for anything only because there’s a constant barrage of text to read on screen which requires very fast eye movement. I do like the dark tones of the anime and the almost raw look of the art style, it’s quite claustrophobic but I think that may just be me.

Likelihood to keep watching: 70%

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