First Impressions: Keijo!!!!!!!!

First Impressions: Keijo!!!!!!!!

Keijo!!!!!!!! is a new series to this anime season but already it’s made quite a splash amongst fans. The series is set in a world where a sport known as Keijo has become extremely popular with a huge fanbase and plenty of money to win. The sport is for woman only and involves pods floating in water called “Land” that the women stand on and then try to knock each other off into the water using only their…butts and boobs. I kid you not.


The main protagonist is a young schoolgirl called Nozomi Kaminash who enters the Setouchi Keijo Training School where she hopes to use her gymnast training to excel in her time there and raise herself and her family out of poverty and into fame and riches. With moves having names like Butt Cannon, Butt Guillotine and Bust to Bust Attack, you know you’re in for something different and that’s only the first episode!


You may have already guessed by now but this episode is full of fan service with shots of tight bikinis and boobs almost falling out. The other characters we meet in the first episode are all very different and have their own reasons for being there which I can’t wait to find out. If you don’t mind fan service, then is probably an anime to add to your watch list for the new season.

If you prefer anime with a darker storyline then clearly this is not what you’re looking for but it is a lot fun and very comedic. I’m really keen to see where this show goes and what happens with Nozomi, she’s such a gutsy cute thing!

Likelihood to keep watching: 100%

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