New Yuri Book For Japan

New Yuri Book For Japan

Full disclosure for those in the dark, the word “yuri” directly translates to the word “lily” which is used to describe female-female relationships of an intimate nature.

This style of sub-genre has many fans in Japan, so much so that a publisher in Japan has put together a book called Yuri no Sekai Nyuumon translated as The Introduction to the World of Yuri.


The book delves into more than 140 different pieces of work from the yuri genre as well as acknowledged authors making manga recommendations. Also there’s a feature on notable manga yuri covers too. These have been selected by Izumi Kitta, a voice actress.



If you’re an avid fan or a casual observer, this is a great book to add to your collection with 128 pages full of stunning illustrations.


The Introduction to the World of Yuri was released on the 18th of October and is being published by Genkosha. The book is being sold for ¥1, 500 at various bookstores around Japan.

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