Interview: Alyson Tabbitha (cosplayer)

Interview: Alyson Tabbitha (cosplayer)

I hope you’ve all had a chance to check out out Cosplayer Of The Month, the awesomely talented Alyson Tabbitha. Alyson was also nice enough to give us some of her time for the following interview!

Japandaman: When did you first discover cosplay & what inspired you to start cosplaying yourself?

Alyson Tabbitha: I learnt about cosplay by being obsessed with final fantasy and happening upon photos and videos of final fantasy cosplayers! I thought it looked so cool and exciting! I always loved dressing up for any occasion, event or holiday , and my friend Sam ( ) ask me if I wanted to join them at megacon. I was so excited, loved it, and got hooked!

Alyson Edward

J: Which of your cosplays is your favourite & why?

AT: That’s a tough one to answer because so many of them are my favorite for different reasons. Like Jack sparrow I love because it was the first costume I had part in making and kinda launched me into this community! But Edward is my favorite because I relate to the character & made everything on it from scratch, no patterns or thrifting. It’s a costume I’m  super proud of! Or now Widowmaker is a favorite because it’s not like anything I’ve made before and I learned so much!

Alyson Jack

J: Is there something you’re planning on making in the future that you’re really excited about?

AT: Yes! But I am going to keep that one a secret for now! It’s a definite future project, I just don’t want to hype it up now, cause I don’t know when it will actually happen!

J: How do you find the US Cosplay scene? Are people supportive of your work?

AT: I honestly love it. I have been welcomed with open arms, and have felt very lucky and happy to be a part of this community. It has been very kind, loving and supportive. I wish everyone could have that experience because that’s exactly how this community should be!

Alyson Lightning 2

J: Who is your cosplay idol?

AT: I have so so so many! I am really drawn to transformative, crafty, and motivational cosplayers! Such as;

Starbit Cosplay 
Yaya Han
April Gloria
MorganaLeFoy Cosplay
Based Light Cosplay
(and my siblings lol)
Madison Kate &
Michaelbgb Cosplay

To name a very few! Honestly there are hundreds!

J: Your cosplays are so intricate, how long does it take you to put one together?

AT: All my costumes from start to finish difficulties are so different. Some costumes takes a few days some take a couple months, but I guess average would be 2 weeks.

Pic: David Love Photography

J: What is your all time favourite anime or game?

AT: I love many  of the games from Final Fantasy! But there are far to many favorite animes to list them! lol

J: What draws you to a character? Personality, design?

AT: I have questioned that myself, sometimes it’s because I relate to the character, sometimes it’s  because I want to be more like them. Lightning is so strong and brave, which I admire, and she is devoted to her sister, which I relate to. Edward was sheltered for a long time and introduced to the outside world all naive and wide-eyed, to find it can be a cruel place. And fitting is isn’t as easy as you desperately want it to be.  Which I relate to.

Sometimes I’m drawn to the mysterious type like Vincent, sometimes the misunderstood type like Gaara. I don’t know the exact reason. The the only time I only wanted to be a character solely for design, I made the costume and never wore it. So I try to stick to characters that I am attracted to on a more personal level.
J: Is there a type of character you enjoy doing?
AT: I really love crossplaying! Being someone completely opposite of yourself is pretty fun! lol
J: Do you have a Favourite convention in the USA or overseas?
AT: I have only been in conventions in Florida atm! I hope to change that very soon! My favorite in FL is Holiday Matsuri! But I love most of the cons I go to!

Alyson, thank you so much for your time and we wish you all the best with your future  cosplays, we can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!
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