Giant Pon De Ring For Mister Donut Christmas In Japan

Mister Donut make really delicious and addictive donuts in Japan and they always seem to be having special edition donuts depending on what season it is. This trend is definitely continuing now that Christmas is around the corner with the news that the donut franchise will be having a special release very soon.

Coming in at a massive 18cm diameter, the “Big Donut“ which is built around their popular Pon de Ring donut will be available from November 16 this year.


It even sells with a really cute Pon de Ring snowman right in the centre for that special touch. It comes layered with whipped cream, powdered sugar and chocolate. Each of the eight segments which make up the donut has a random mixture of strawberry cream, whipped cream, custard cream or chocolate whipped cream. I think I got diabetes just from reading all that.

Like all the best things in Japan however, it’s only available via a pre-order and will sell for ¥864.


These next donuts though require no pre-order and look just as yummy!



Check out those Snoopy donuts!

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