Strawberry Shortcake Yakisoba Noodles For Japan Christmas

Strawberry Shortcake Yakisoba Noodles For Japan Christmas

Now for a completely new taste that I can’t imagine, I hear that the maker of the Ippei-chan brand of instant yakisoba noodles, Myojo Foods, are going to be releasing Strawberry Shortcake flavoured instant noodles!

Hmm, looks so tasty!!

The secret apparently is in the sauce which has the usual ingredients of fruit paste, mango chutney, and vanilla flavoring but with the added zest of adding vanilla into the mayo as well. The strawberries will be in a pack to add over the noodles once they’re all ready to be eaten. Yoghurt cubes and sugar form the rest of the topping. Definitely doesn’t sound too healthy but that’s now what we’re here for, it’s all about the taste!!

The special noodles go on sale in Japan on December 5th, 2016.

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