Blog: Japandaman & Waifu Headed To Japan!

Blog: Japandaman & Waifu Headed To Japan!

And this just in…myself and my waifu are headed to Japan for a long overdue holiday and to tick some things off our bucketlist, namely spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Tokyo.

We don’t really have an agenda as such for this trip, it’ll be more of a “what are we doing today?” kind of scenario which is something we’re both very cool with. The only things we have on the To Do list so far is ice skating at the Tokyo Skytree and living out our Yuri On Ice moments, buying a Mimikyu plushie, going to Winter Comiket and spending Xmas Day at Tokyo Disneyland which we’re really excited about!


Something new that I’ll be doing which I’ve never done before is a daily vlog which will be uploaded at the end of each day or at some point in the evening. I’ll be posting my usual pictures and what not to social media but the vlogging is still very new to me and Japan seems like an ideal place to record some memories from each day that I hope you’ll enjoy watching. The vlogs will be posted to my Youtube channel:


I’d love to see that number of 223 subscribers increase while we’re over there so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed! I’ll post links to all my social media channels below so if you’re not following me yet, you have no excuse now 🙂









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