Celebrate Ten Years Of Hatsune Miku

Celebrate Ten Years Of Hatsune Miku

Hard to believe but that blue haired vocaloid, Hatsune Miku, has been around for ten years already. I know, where has the time gone? To commemorate the occasion, Exit Tunes will be releasing a limited edition four disc album called “Vocalohistory feat. Hatsune Miku”.

The CD will come absolutely jam packed with 60 tracks ranging from halyosy, Mitchie M 40mP plus loads more.


There will only 3939 copies made of this CD and you may be wondering why the odd number of 3939? The number can also be pronounced as Miku Miku! The CD will also have art cards inside the packaging, an art book featuring artwork from RAHWIA, Komine, CHRIS plus more as well as 15 badges will be included too.


The album releases on March 15 2017 and pre-orders are now open from various online stores like Amazon Japan and Animate. The album will retail for ¥8000 so with shipping, you’re looking at close to $100 if not a little bit more.

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