Review: Prison School (Blu-Ray)

Review: Prison School (Blu-Ray)

Alright, let’s get this straight out of the way…Prison School is loaded with fan service, more so than High School of the Dead and also come crammed with ecchi plus and then some! But putting that aside, it’s a clever plot with twists you don’t see coming and an ending that you didn’t think was going to come. Let’s take a look at the premise of what this anime is about first.

Hachimitsu Private Academy is one of the most prestigious learning institutions in Japan which has always been a female only school. However, there’s been a change with the chairman and he has made it co-ed for the first time. Enter Kiyoshi, Gakuto, Joe, Shingo and Andre, five males who are the only ones to enrol in the new school year and quickly come to realise that the ratio is 200:1 (females to males).


So what do these young, inexperienced and horny males to do? They decide to spy on the girls in the changing rooms using a pretty clever and ingenious technique. Clearly it wasn’t clever enough as they get caught and are sentenced by the Underground Student Council to be incarcerated in Prison School. A prison which sits in the middle of the school ground. In there, they’ll be expected to attend classes via a video link and when they’re not in classes, they’re doing hard labour tasks around the school grounds.

prison school


Along the way, they are subjected to a lot of physical harassment and violence by Meiko Shiraki, the vice president of the underground student council who sports enormous breasts, something she was teased for in school. Also Hana Midorikawa, the council secretary with amazing martial artist skills who dishes out her fair share of punishment. This punishment at times is just plain beating the tar out of them while other times it’s rather harsh resembling S&M…yeah, you read that right.


As they begin to adjust to the school prison, Kiyoshi meets and develops feeling for Chiyo Kurihara, the younger sister of the council President, Mari Kurihara. These feelings are reciprocated and slowly a relationship begins to develop, something that forms the crux of the anime and a story arc that ends up playing a pivotal part on the story. Meiko, Hana and Mari aren’t happy to have the boys in the school as they view them as pigs so they begin to plan an develop a plot to get the boys expelled from the school. As a result of this, the boys begin to find alliances in unexpected places and sources. But do they get expelled and do the trio of the council leaders get their way? It’s a 12 episode anime with many twists along the way and much conniving along the way.

Going back to something I said at the very start of this review…the fan service and ecchi factor. Ok, there’s heaps of it and by heaps, I mean literally in every single shot especially with the Vice President, Meiko Shirako who sports the smallest shirt with breasts that are held in place by hopes and dreams. And let’s not even talk about the many thousand upskirt shots of her g strings, or thongs for the US readers, with barely anything covered. I mean, you can see…well, I think you know what I mean. Let’s just say it’s quite lippy 😉


But despite the graphical nature of this anime, there’s actually quite an intricate story at the centre. A story with many clever and witty plot turns and developments. I mean just when you think you know what’s going t0 happen, the writers throw something that you weren’t expecting at you. It’s definitely not predictable with cunning  characters and story arcs that you don’t see coming. If you’re a fan of clever writing, likeable characters, drama and comedy intertwined together and a good dollop of boobs, butts and v*g shots, then I’ll be surprised if you don’t like this or haven’t seen it already.

Thanks to Madman for the review copy.

Final Score: 9/10

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