Japan/Australia Nintendo Switch Launch

Japan/Australia Nintendo Switch Launch

Yes, it’s the 03/03/17 and while that may seem like just another date, it’s also the launch day for Nintendo’s latest home console, the Nintendo Switch! I was lucky enough to attend the launch in Melbourne which took place at Federation Square which was attended by many Nintendo fans eager to get their hands on the new console at the stroke of midnight. There was heaps going on with cosplay comps on stage, a live DJ and plenty of hands on mini contests with the Switch. It was a great vibe with plenty to keep the crowd amused while we all waited for the inevitable countdown. But don’t just take my word for it, here’s a look at the event launch, courtesy of Nintendo Australia and EB Games:

Meanwhile over across the sea in the Switch’s native Japan, queues were building and people were just as keen to get their hands on the Switch and braved the cold weather to be among the first gamers in the world to play some new Nintendo action.


The following pics are courtesy of Twitter user Jon Cousins who has been recording the proceedings in Japan for the Switch launch.

And lastly…the first thing I did after I got home this morning at 1:30AM was to do an unboxing, of course. You can check that out below.

Hope everyone who wanted a Nintendo Switch at launch were lucky enough to receive one and are having loads of fun with it!










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