New Gundam For Odaiba

New Gundam For Odaiba

Our most recent trip to Japan was memorable for many reason but not least which was to pay a visit to the life-size scale”RG 1/1 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.GFT” at Odaiba outside Diver City Plaza. As some may know, he was due to be pulled down after spending quite a few years there as an attraction to both locals and tourists alike.

Well sad to report…the Gundam is gone but despite this sadness, we hear about exciting news of a Unicorn Gundam to be erected during Autumn! Here’s an artist’s impression of what it’ll look like:

unicorn gundam

And even better, the Unicorn Gundam is coming right on time for the biggest Gunpla exhibition which opens in Japan during Summer…still a fair way to go but you just know it’ll be something special! So for Gunpla and Gundam fans alike, keep an eye for “TOKYO Gundam Project 2017”.

*Thanks to Miki for the scoop on this!*

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