Are you ready to laugh? Comedy Anime that is guaranteed to make you smile :)

Are you ready to laugh? Comedy Anime that is guaranteed to make you smile :)

Sometimes all we need in life is just to have a good laugh. So for me personally there is no better way other than to sit down and watch some anime, but not just any anime I am talking COMEDY! Comedy Anime is a genre that when it is done right, it is generally done well. What you have to love about the genre is that the selected animation and cleaver plot devices bring out the funniest moments at just the right time and with the right conviction, without it seeming too over the top (We don’t need a backing laughing track to tell us what is funny or not!). Watching Comedy Anime is great because  when you laugh it is genuine! Here are some personal favourites of mine found on AnimeLab that are guaranteed to make you laugh till your eyes water and your sides start hurting.

1) The Disastrous life of Saiki K

Out of all the comedies on AnimeLab this has to be ranked at number one! This particular show manages to make me laugh to the point where I just cannot stop. Each episode is actually a collection of shorts (ranging from five to ten minutes in length) where we follow the life and mishaps of a teenage psychic. The very witty writing, deliverance of the story/plot and its characters makes this show one not to miss. It’s simple to follow and it is one of those shows that makes you want to go back and watch over and over again!

2. Yuru Yuri

Okay so this show is completely ridiculous for all the right reasons. This to me is what you would consider the ‘Seinfeld’ of the anime world, it is a show about nothing. Well, okay maybe there are moments where we follow these four teenage girls (and their friends). These girls form an school club group just for the sake of hanging out and drinking tea…sounds boring, it’s not. This show was one I binged the two seasons in four days because I couldn’t stop watching. It is that show that every time I watch makes my eyes water and sides hurt just from laughing way too much. Also as the title suggests, there is yuri themes.

3) Nisekoi False Love 

I must admit I only got into this show very late and picked it just by luck one evening because I was bored. What I found myself doing for the rest of the night was binge watching all of season one. This comedy just absolutely nails it where it needs to be nailed. We follow the journey of two teens that are matched up by their families to be married off to one another to settle a difference. Of course naturally when something like that happens, comedy was bound to occur.  What I loved about this show was the supporting characters; they are just hilarious in their own right and put all of them together it is an absolute crack up. Great thing about this show is that there are moments that stick with you and when you think back you just laugh (the one scene that jumps straight out to me is the ‘Lottery’ scene).

4) Konosuba-God’s blessing on this wonderful world.

Here is another show that I got into very late last year and just by chance at Supanova convention, ironically sitting in the AnimeLab theatre. I sat there and decided to watch this particular show as many of my friends suggested I should watch it, next thing I know I find myself in tears just from laughing. As soon as I got back home from the con I just had to watch it all! Konosuba is such a cleaver anime that surprises viewers with how funny and witty it really is. The great thing about this show is that it is only 10 episodes in length so it is easy to put on a Friday night and binge watch. I don’t know how to explain this fabulous show other than to say ‘EXPLOSSSSSSSION’ (a reference you will get as soon as you will watch the show). Konosuba is currently simulcasting season two on AnimeLab.

5) One Punch Man 

If you haven’t heard about One Punch Man you have obviously been living under a rock. This anime is without question one of the funniest shows that has been made in recent years. The animation and witty characters make this show great. Words cannot do this show justice, it’s just one of those shows that you just have to watch and appreciate because it is that good, and with the announcement of a second season that is planned for this year it has made a lot of people very excited. Saitama is basically what men want to be and what women want in a man (okay maybe not all women). It is also a great beginner anime if you have friends who just don’t understand why you watch anime and they think that you are watching ‘tentacle porn’, show them this and they will finally understand!

6) Ouran High School Host Club

This show is an absolute classic. If you haven’t seen this show this is a great starter anime if you are in for some really cheap laughs! Ouran follows a girl who finds herself in a situation where the only way to pay of a debt is to pretend to be a boy for a prestigious school host club. The host club is made up of some very interesting characters that all have hearts of gold and bring out the serious comedy purely from their actions. This is also one of those shows that I find the dub brings out the comedy better than the original Japanese version. Spend a week following these great characters and the hilarious situations that they find themselves in.

Of course there are many great comedy anime out there, but if you need a good pick as starters into this genre then look no further than these shows. What are some of your favourite comedy anime? let us know in the comments below! All these shows are available right now for our Australian/New Zealand fans on AnimeLab, so what are you waiting for!

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