Review: Death Parade (Blu-Ray)

Review: Death Parade (Blu-Ray)

Death Parade is an anime with supernatural themes, drama, love, laughs and more. The story revolves around whenever two people die, they meet up again in a bar  between Heaven and the Void called Quindecim. The bartender who greets the two lost souls is Decim who we soon find out is an Arbiter who determines which of the two people continue on with reincarnation or fall into the never ending void, what we can only imagine is Hell.

The way Decim determines this is through a series of games which is selected by pushing a red button and starting a roulette wheel, picking the game in the process. The souls enter Quindecim without any memories which are slowly returned during the course of the game therefore affecting the outcome as the two players begin to remember who the other person is.

Along the way, other characters are introduced from the childlike and playful Nona, the mysterious Chiyuki and the loud, boisterous Ginti are just a few. Most of the episodes are self contained with little spill over into the next episode which is a nice touch. At only 12 episodes, the series is extremely rich with content in interesting characters, tense storylines and unknown outcomes, usually with a twist along the way.

The stories that make up these characters meeting up in Quindecim are varied and you inevitably become drawn into their lives and I felt myself feeling compassion for them when they don’t initially know that they’re dead and slowly work out the truth along the way.

It’s an anime that makes you think and will definitely create discussion if you watch it with friends as you’ll find yourself possibly disagreeing with the fate of some of the characters. I know a couple of times I was surprised where a soul ended up which started a debate with myself trying to work out the logic and motives for Decim’s decision.

Overall, a very well thought out anime with a great musical score, punchy with a dramatic tones and light hearted moments as well. One to watch when you don’t have a lot of time due to the episodes being for the most part stand alone events.

*Thanks to Madman for the review copy*

Final score: 8.5/10

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