All is fair in ‘love and war’ why ‘Scums Wish’ was the anime of the winter season

All is fair in ‘love and war’ why ‘Scums Wish’ was the anime of the winter season

I must admit, I found the anime that was offered to us this past anime season to be stale and dry. Not many shows managed to capture my interest and keep me invested throughout the whole series, except one.

‘Kuzu No Honkai’ or otherwise known as ‘Scums Wish’ was without a doubt the best anime to come out of the season, a dark and gritty romance anime where you are taken on an emotional journey alongside with the main characters. The story revolves around the main protagonist Hanabi who has been in love with the boy next door, who as it so happens the new teacher at school. She has known this man since she was a young girl and looked up to him as a brother like figure till her own personal feelings changed and developed into something romantic. In order to fulfil her desires for the ‘brother’ she engages in a “relationship” with a class acquaintance Mugi, who like herself is entangled in a similar love dilemma where he is in love with the music teacher. These two characters use their relationship to meet their needs and re-enact their forbidden desires. With an array of other characters that get tangled into the mix Hanabi realises she is not only in a war with another person, but herself.

This show manages to captivate you from the first episode. The intense beauty of the animation and soundtrack entices the viewer to keep watching. The way that the story is told is almost as if you are watching a manga. It is pretty much exactly what the manga intended audiences to read and the anime manages to capture the same magic and intensity as it was in paper form. The main story is so intense that it almost feels real. There are times watching this anime that I felt it was triggering moments of my own personal romantic history and doing so in such a way that it did not feel cheap, but actually real. That this can and more than likely does happen to people. This story is not sugar coated to be something that is wonderful and sweet, but rather a raw, intense interpretation of what life is like for someone that might be experiences their first love.

I don’t think I have come across an anime that has made me feel the way this anime has done. Once I got up to the last episode I was in tears, in fact when I think about the final scene I start getting all misty eyed. Which leaves me to wonder, is anime getting too real? Are we looking for anime that triggers emotions within us. The depth that this show managed to go into and not seem un-realistic is something that we have been obviously missing. It is definitely a welcomed change to finally see some mainstream anime actually take that plunge and become that story teller of reality. That not everything is easy, that there are times where we will get hurt and that there is pain out there that we have to go through.

If you are looking for a happy ending romance, don’t watch this show. If you are looking for something that is real then this is the show for you. The anime has been working in conjunction with a Live action Japanese drama production which also manages to capture the essence of what life as a teen experiencing first love and the troubles and turmoils they would face. As like my many other reviews I refuse to spoil this show but take it from me, this show has it all. From excellent character development, emotional turmoil, visuals that are almost too breathtaking to even seem like this is a real anime to the intensely gorgeous and captivating soundtrack then look no further than this show. The ending theme ‘Heikosen’ is quite possibly the best ending song I have ever heard in an anime.
This show is easily 5/5 for me without any second thought or question. I am still not over this show emotionally and I feel it will take a long time before I could move on from this show. This is easily a contender for ‘Anime of the Year 2017’. Sadly this is one of those show you might have to go and look for as getting access to it is incredibly hard, but take it from me when you do it is worth it.

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