Review: Shimoneta (Blu-Ray)

Review: Shimoneta (Blu-Ray)

So I couldn’t fit the entire title of this anime in the heading but it’s called *ahem* Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist. And if you’ve seen Prison School and didn’t have a problem with that anime in terms of themes, fan service and gratuitous panty shots then this anime will be right up your alley as it has all that was just mentioned and loads more, it completely ups the ante.

Set in the future, Japan has become known as the country with the highest morals due in part to the presence of the moral police and the mandatory wearing by everyone of Peace Maker devices or just PM’s for short. These devices monitor the public and the use of the immoral words or actions such as drawing lewd images. Anyone caught doing this, looking at or distributing lewd images are promptly arrested. Enter this a young student called Tanukichi Okuma who has just been accepted into one of the most elite schools with the highest morals in Japan. Partly to escape the shadow of his father Zenjuro, a man who years earlier was arrested by the moral police for distributing condoms in defiance of the laws and partly to follow a female student who he has a crush on, the Student Council president, Anna Nishikinoyima.

Attempting to throw this entire system in disarray is the mysterious vigilante known as Blue Snow, a masked female who covers her naked body with a sheet, wears a G string on her face as a mask and throws papers with naked females at the public wherever she goes. Through a series of misadventures, Okuma crosses paths with Blue Snow on his way to his first day at the school which results in her rescuing him before the moral police can intervene. She then convinces him, against, his will to join her terrorist organisation known as SOX. This results in one adventure after another as SOX attempts to show the people the reality of their lives and that what they’re being told is bad and disgusting isn’t necessarily the truth.


So it goes without saying that this is one outrageous anime that is chockful loaded with sexual words, sexual swear words, sexual innuendo and just about anything sexual that you can think of. There were some things in there that I honestly thought I wouldn’t see in mainstream anime but let’s just say I’ll never look at cookies the same way and you need to watch the anime to know what I’m talking about! The characters are all extremely interesting with so many plots and sub plots going on, it’ll keep you guessing where the show is headed. At only 12 episodes long, I really wanted to see more of this anime and not just for the fan service but it’s a genuinely funny anime with unexpected drama and tension. The laughs are all there from strategically placed objects covering private parts to the most unexpected characters not being quite what you first thought they would be.

It’s a bold anime which pushes the boundaries of good/bad taste and just about breaks the ecchi barrier but it doesn’t take itself serious and doesn’t pretend to be something that it isn’t. Which at the end of the day is a cleverly crafted story about breaking barriers and learning about the world for yourself without conforming to what is “normal”.

*Thanks to Madman for the review copy*

Final score: 9/10

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