Starbucks Japan Introduces Matcha Pudding

Yes, not content with having some of the most exclusive yummy beverages on offer, Sakura Latte anyone?, Starbucks Japan have now upped the ante by introducing a new flavour to their menu: Matcha Pudding.

This is all due to the new pudding collection which they introduced last year. Being that it was announced on April Fool’s Day, many locals thought that it was a hoax but imagine their surprise when they turned up to their store and found this:

Check out how amazing and delicious this looks!!

There are three different expressions which come stamped on the tubs; “Each day is a gift”; “It’s time to start!”; and “Make someone’s day”. So of course many people bought packs to get all three messages.

And before you start thinking that all this pudding can’t be good for you, look how small the containers are!

This is what it looks like inside the container with all that yummy matcha goodness down the bottom:

And yes, like everything awesome in Japan, it’s a limited menu item and Starbucks haven’t noted how long it’ll be around for so grab it quick if you’re in Japan!

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