Japandaman reviews Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry

Japandaman reviews Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is the latest theatrical release from Madman entertainment and is a movie designed to get the die hard fans back to falling in love with the series but leaving the casual anime viewer extremely confused. The trailers and hype surrounding the movie made it seem that this is the final chapter and it was bound to be an epic time, however the only thing that was truly the set up for the beginning of the end was the post credit scene.

To not spoil the movie for people that do intend to go and watch this film we follow Natsu and his friends who travel to the island Kingdom of Stella to go and retrieve the stolen ‘Dragon Cry’ staff that could bring the world into destruction. It is up to the Fairy Tail gang to go and claim back what belongs to them. The film introduces characters that have some influence to the lead up of the beginning of the end.

In terms of visuals, its decent. It felt just like watching the last season in terms of animation only just adapted for the big screen. There were moments that were visually stunning and the fight scenes in general were just so entertaining to watch.

The movie itself has some small flaws. It felt like I was watching an extremely long episode which was just thrown together for the sake of putting out a story. It seemed at times that the plot was rushed and certain moments not making any sense, however if you are a long time fan of the series you will finally understand why all of this takes place as it does set up what will be the finale.

The amount of fan-service this film had was over the top and there were some scenes that did seem rather unnecessary, however in terms of comedy it had just the right amount to keep the audience entertained and engaged in the movie. Character development was definitely there and it was fun to see all the gang just give it their all.

My favourite part of the film was the underlying message that the story was conveying, friendship is the power that makes you. Having friends you love and care for are the driving force that gives you power. This is the clear message put across particularly as this is the fuel that Natsu relies on to give him the power that he needs.

I didn’t hate the film, but if I had no previous knowledge about Fairy Tail and that was my first time seeing the film, I would be left extremely confused. This is definitely a film for the fans of the series.

If you are a fan of the series it is an easy 4/5 however it you are just that casual anime fan I would probably rate it a solid 3/5. I feel that this movie will benefit more when it receives a dub.

The film is out now for a limited time.

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