Japanese Film Festival 2017

Japanese Film Festival 2017

Last Thursday saw the Japanese Film Festival (JFF) kick off for 2017. I was lucky enough to be invited to the VIP which was held at ACMI at Federation Square. The event was really swish with delicious finger food and Japanese drinks on hand. It was a particularly hot day so it was a great time for me to discover the wonders of the Choya can, a carbonated alcoholic plum wine drink. There will be more of this in my future! There was also a screening of one of the films from the festival, Mumon: The Land Of Stealth, showing on the opening night as part of the proceedings. It was a great film full of ninjas, drama, comedy, stunning choreography and intrigue. Fans of J-Pop idol group, Arashi, will best run along to catch Satoshi Ohno in the lead role. Not only is he the leader of the hugely popular group but he nailed the lead role with loads of humour and a really hilarious moment when he breaks the 4th wall.

The Festival is on right now so check out the official site for the complete show listing along with screening times and locations to catch these awesome films!

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