Fukubukuro Round-Up 2018: Animate

Fukubukuro Round-Up 2018: Animate

Fukubukuro is the name given to the lucky bags which go on sale in Japan on January the 1st each year. Nearly all stores in Japan offer them ranging from the Pokemon centre, McDonald’s’, KFC, fashion and loads more. For this first look, we thought we’d feature one of the best anime goods store, Animate. Animate have stores all over Japan with the stores in Akihabara and Ikebukuro worthy of a visit with their amazing stock.

Correspondent, Seiji from Sora News made the trek to Animate and scored himself the lucky bag which sold for ¥3,00 but came jam-packed wit loads of fantastic stuff! For that price, the fukubukuro came loaded with no less than 70 items which is staggering. Let’s have a look.

So let’s see, there are stickers, clear files, keyrings, pins (badges), phone or bag straps, acrylic stand, smartphone cover, pen from so many different series’. Totally worth what you pay for it I think. How many franchises can you spot in there?

Source: SoraNews24

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