‘All in the family’ DVD Review of “The Testament of Sister New Devil Season One”

‘All in the family’ DVD Review of “The Testament of Sister New Devil Season One”

So I honestly don’t know what I was actually thinking when I said ‘I would like to review this one for the site’. When I got this copy thank to our friends from Madman Entertainment I looked at the rating and said to myself I just need to be open minded and give it a go.

Oh boy….

‘The Testament of Sister New Devil’ is that show you can only watch on your own, late at night. It isn’t your regular fan service series, however it is an intriguing series no less. The plot *as dumb as it sounds* of Basara, an adolescent guy who has been wanting to be a brother to a sister has his wish granted when his father remarries and he ends up with two step sisters, Mio and Maria. The ‘sisters’ of course are not what they seem, one being a newly formed demon and the other a succumbus. Of course this leads to Basara revealing his true self, however this also leads to him becoming Mio’s master, leading the characters to over the top Ecchi situations.  Wild, I know.

Now, I am really open minded when it comes to series like these and I generally try to find the positives. What I will say is that the animation is really well done, and the dub is very cleaver, but this series is just not my cup of tea. Sometimes the ecchi moments just got too extreme and unnecessary at times, and the whole ‘sister’ thing was just not good. Surprisingly there is a moderately decent plot but this is that series that is clearly in for the over the top fan service and ecchi.

Did I love it? no, did I hate it? no, I am in that fine line where I could have loved it if it wasn’t so over the top with certain moments, but I am definitely wondering the mind frame of the original creators of this particular story. If you are a fan of fan service and ecchi than this is the one for you.

Personally, I rate it 2/5.

Wasn’t really my cup of tea.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkN8as4dNgo[/embedyt]

The Testament of Sister New Devil Complete Season One is out now! For more information click the DVD image below.

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