Better late than never! The Top Five Anime of 2017

Better late than never! The Top Five Anime of 2017

Well, what a year it was for anime in 2017. Arguably a very simple year in regards to anime, there were a few stand outs that took our breath away. It’s always hard when you go back and reflect on the year that it was in regards to anime; the year where we had some unbelievable shows and some that were absolutely rubbish, fans were given many options and choices on shows. For me, there was a lot of good that easily could overtake the terrible. I found this decision of picking the top five a very hard one. Some shows in my original top ten could have easily taken the spot of number one, but in the end I had to stick to what was the draw factor for the shows for me originally that would place them in that top ten. I narrowed that top ten down, and picked the best five shows of 2017. So here we go with the top five Anime of 2017:

5. My Hero Academia Two

Now, I wasn’t a die hard fan after season one. Sure, I liked it and was one show I did enjoy watching as a simulcast originally, but I will admit that I wasn’t very impressed with season one. That all changed when season two came along. This show was so captivating week after week, and the dub as well was just perfect. The heart and strengths this show has in comparison to shows such as Attack on Titan made me want to watch week after week and not get bored. I felt connected with characters and I was just blown away with so many moments throughout the season. If left me craving more when we got to the end of season two. I love the message this show has, that you can be what you want to be if you try hard and work hard for it.

4. Ancient Magus Bride 

Tale as old as time….song as old as song…..Wait this isn’t Disney.
However, this is definitely a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ type of story with a very pure and meaningful love developing between two beings. This show is special. The animation and delivery of the story makes this one not to be missed. The story of a girl who is essentially bought to be the bride of a being who has no idea of the human conventions and trying to find their own place in our world as well as their own…whatever it is exactly. Every week I look forward to watching and it is just getting better and better as the story is continued to being explored.

3. Little Witch Academia 

If anyone knows me they will know full well that one of my favourite anime animation studios is Studio TRIGGER. This was one of the most anticipated series of 2017 and it did not fail to disappoint. Where the OVA/Movies allowed us to become apart of this magical world, the anime series just took it on another level. We learn the secrets that ultimately shock viewers but at the same time give the story a depth. I loved everything about this, from the witty plot, the animation and characters this one is my go to anime whenever I am feeling down. There is such a powerful message underlying the story that you can’t help but be swept away with it. This is one of those shows where I just want to remain a part of their world and learn more and more about them.

2. Scum’s Wish 

This was my personal favourite from last year. The drama we as anime fans did not deserve. It literally hit every note that needed to be hit. ‘Scum’s wish’ was that show where there was not one good person to support or back, yet you were drawn to their problems and situations. The characterisation was by far the best I have seen in recent years and has left me wanting more. It ended as it should, granted I wasn’t too thrilled but it made sense. This was not a light hearted anime, and it did make you question whether or not what these characters were doing was the right thing, but it was that show that made you look at your own personal life and relationships and see some sort of common trend. It was very real.

1.  Made in Abyss

This was the show to end all shows last year. Admittedly, I was turned off the show originally as the animation wasn’t what I was used to. When friends of mine told me I had to give this show a shot, I sat down over two days and binged watched it. I was completely blown away. I have never felt the way I did after watching this show. I was physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted after watching. The characters and their stories were just the most beautiful, yet tragically heartbreaking that your own hearts would break. The strong points were the ethical and cultural reasoning being put to question. Death is also a major factor and what happens to someone when they just leave you for good. This show, with the depth of story, animation and the most incredible soundtrack is definitely the show I will recommend to everyone. It is not the easiest show to watch, but if you are an anime fan it is one you need to watch at least once in your life.

So there you have it, Like I said it was a very hard to come up with these choices but I feel justified that these are without question the best of what 2017 has to offer. We are always curious as to what made your top picks from last year, let us know! We cannot wait to see what 2018 has to offer, and judging with the recent season, we know we are in for a treat!

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