Could This Be The Strangest 3DS Game Of 2018?

Could This Be The Strangest 3DS Game Of 2018?

The year is still new and hot off the big reveal from Nintendo of Nintendo Labo, now we have a strong contender for what could be the most…innovative game of 2018 and it’s on the Nintendo 3DS.

It’s name is Baku Tsuri Bar Hunter which translates to Burst of Laughter Fishing Bar Hunter and if you’re wondering what it’s all about, maybe the pic below will shed some clues.

Could that be a fishing rod attachment for the 3DS? Yes, yes it could be. But here’s the catch. You’re seeking virtual fish in this game, that would be too straight forward. Instead, you’re fishing for…barcodes. You heard me, barcodes.

It’s actually a game aimed at the younger market and how it works is, the barcode gets scanned in resulting in critters which are used for the game which you play using motion controls. In 3D. Not sure if this trailer will shed any light on the matter but here it is:


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