Cosplayer Monthly Is Live

Cosplayer Monthly Is Live

Regular readers may have seen a post I made last year about Japandaman releasing a Cosplayer Calendar for 2018 featuring some of Melbourne’s best female cosplayers?

Anyways due to pricing being ridiculously exorbitant for printing custom A3 calendars, we decided that we couldn’t proceed and offer the calendars at a reasonable price. So what to do? We still had amazing pictures which needed to be seen and shared with the world and everyone had put in so much work, from the many cosplayers involved in the shoot to our photographer Neil Creek who took the amazing pics and did stunning post work on them. Even Japandaman who managed to bring the whole project together and somehow see the end.

Bishoujo Edward Scissorhands – Silhouette d’Amour

So, Cosplayer Monthly was born. A site where the posters would go on sale each month, with new posters coming online with each calendar month. This would result in all 12 posters being on sale and available to anyone around the world to buy. But then we thought, “What do we do when the 12 posters have all been uploaded and posted on the site?” Well, we expanded on the original idea and decided to grow the site and idea by having new cosplayers and cosplays coming online so effectively the catalogue of posters would grow and become a place to pick up exclusive posters, unable to be purchased anywhere else, with stunning cosplayers, amazing cosplays and also showcasing the amazing photographers that work in this community.

Me!Me!Me! – Neko Chaos Cosplay

You can check out Cosplayer Monthly on this link and see for yourself our inaugural launch poster featuring Silhouette d’Amour with her amazing Bishoujo Edward Scissorhands cosplay. And needless to say, this poster is flying out the door and stock is extremely limited so if you want to grab one at our special introductory price, then do so today. We also offer free shipping within Australia!

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