What’s been happening! Just an update!

What’s been happening! Just an update!

Hello Japandaman Fam!

So, you might have noticed that the site has been rather….quiet of late. To be completely honest with you all we have just been incredibly busy in our every day lives (doing our jobs, etc) that we have somewhat neglected the site.

But that is going to change. 

From this week I am back to posting thoughts, reviews, and all things anime. It’s only fair as we don’t want to see this fantastic site (and community) die. I will be doing some ‘Anime Rewinds’ again as I have had some people ask me to get back to writing them (SORRY!!!).  I will also try to keep up with the facebook social page a bit more as well as Japandaman himself.

I will also be attending the second Madman Anime Festival for 2018 (MadFest) in Brisbane and having a look around. I will be live streaming on both the Facebook page for Japandaman as well as using my personal twitter which Japandaman will link to you guys. Needless to say we are back to what we love doing, bringing you fun content. ^_^

Anyway..Love you guys and can’t wait to start delivering the goods again! 😛


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Farrah wasted her time on twitter talking about anime non stop till one day a website known as Japandaman decided to give her an official role as Anime Writer and Social Commentator. She is now the Senior Editor and Anime Editor of Japandaman.com When she's not doing her day job it is more than likely she would be catching up on the latest and greatest anime and giving her two cents. She also loves to be in the know on all things anime!

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