Killer7 Coming To Steam

Killer7 Coming To Steam

If you’re a fan of classic gaming and remember the system that was seriously underrated, the Nintendo GameCube, then you might also recall an absolute gem of a game from Suda51 called Killer7. If you’ve never heard of this classic (shame), here’s a trailer below:

Let’s not forget that the title was also produced by Shinji Mikami from Resident Evil and The Evil Within fame. This was a seriously messed up title back in the day and even in today’s hardcore market still manages to hold some shock value. If this sounds intriguing, there’s no need to hunt down a GameCube or a copy of the game as this cult classic is now being reborn to a new generation of gamers courtesy of Steam.

There’s an official page for the game on the Steam site and even better, here’s  a release trailer for the release:

The new release of the game will be presented as a fully remastered HD release. If you’re a PC gamer yet to experience this classic, you’d be doing yourself a massive disservice not playing it.

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