Pokémon Games Headed to Switch

Pokémon Games Headed to Switch

In probably the best bit of news over the last 24 hours, Nintendo have announced not one but TWO Pokémon games headed to the Nintendo Switch. Apart from the names being announced, Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee, they also dropped an amazing trailer for the titles which only gets better with each viewing. Before you go any further, here’s the trailer:

The games appear to have a tight integration with Pokémon Go, the mobile app, so if you haven’t been playing it now might be a good time to download it again and start playing as there’s been mountains of updates released for it since it released. The trailer also features some gameplay, battles and even cooler, the addition of a external add-on in the form of a Pokeball. It appears that you can transfer a Pokémon to the ball and then take it with you on the road. And in a stroke of genius, another player will be able to join you in your Pokémon adventure by utilising the second Joy-Con!

With lush visuals, innovative gameplay and exciting opportunities for friends to join in, it looks like Nintendo have another winner on their hands. Watch out for it when it releases November 16, 2018.

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