Anime Rewind: Follow your dreams! Taking a look at the best eps of Sailor Moon Super S

Anime Rewind: Follow your dreams! Taking a look at the best eps of Sailor Moon Super S

Lately, I have been watching the original 90’s Sailor Moon anime series just for the nostalgia. That said, if you take into account the story telling and animation, this series (although doesn’t really hold up in this day and age) is one of the most cleaver animated shows. Being able to do drama, as well as comedy and deliver it with perfection is rare, something that anime shows which are made now are missing. Sailor Moon Super S was one of the seasons that a lot of fans tend to avoid, but I want to say that this is the season everyone should be watching. With the recent release by Madman Entertainment with the new English Dub, we are going to take a look at some of the best episodes from Sailor Moon Super S.

This for me was one, if not the best episode of Sailor Moon Super S. So basically Minako (Sailor Venus) is dating two guys at the same time. Of course, Minako thinks she’s able to date two both men and get away with it….only problem is when she has a date with both boys at the same time. The comedy aspects and animation is absolutely hilarious and leaves you in stiches from laughing so damn much. The best scene from this whole episode is Minako explaining the situation to her friends in the café.

Ep 152 – Flames of Passion: Mars’s Raging Super Attack

Rei suddenly develops celebrity status as being the shrine maiden that has the best love charms. This as a results ends up with a girl who wants to be like her ‘idol’ Rei. The episode is a great way to show it is important to be what you want to be and not something that you are not. The episode has a lot of comedy, but it is balanced with a lot of heart as well. A very well constructed episode.

Ep 154 – Clash of Dreams: Minako and Makoto’s Broken Friendship

This is a great episode that deals with the theme of friendship. Jealously and selfishness are the catalyst for Minako and Mokoto friendship to hit a snag. The realisation that they are better and more powerful together than apart is told throughout the episode. You see the destruction and re-build all in one episode. It is a favourite of mine because Sailor Moon/Usagi kind of takes a step back from being the central focus of this episode. Did I also mention that this episode is absolutely hilarious with Minako bringing the comedy factor throughout.

Ah yes, my favourite episode. So in this one Usagi and the girls are studying at Mamoru’s apartment when due to some rather unforeseen circumstances Mamoru’s apartment gets absolutely destroyed. Rei suggests that Mamoru stays at her shrine as they have lots of room, which of course does not go well with Usagi, given the past between Rei and Mamoru. The episode is hilarious with Usagi trying to ‘protect’ Mamoru from Rei by becoming a ninja of love, and Rei walking in on Mamoru naked. Absolutely ridiculous but absolutely brilliant.


There are so many great episodes of Super S that I would love to talk about more, but these four episodes, even if you haven’t seen any of the previous eps are good stand alone episodes. As I said this is a great season of 90’s Sailor Moon. Got an AnimeLab account, well…I have linked the episodes for your viewing pleasure. 


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