R.I.P PS Vita

R.I.P PS Vita

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently confirmed what we’ve been wondering for a very very long time regarding the fate of the PS Vita.

On Friday 1st March, 2019 SIE put out a release saying that they are halting the shipment of the PS Vita inside of Japan. This was hinted at last year by the company with a deadline given of 2019. Looks like that time is now with SIE senior vice president Hiroyuki Oda also putting the nail in the coffin for any future plans for a Vita successor by adding that there are no plans to move forward in that space.

This is also in addition to the news last May that the production of the physical Vita game cards would stop in March 2019.

Launch trailer

I, for one, will miss the PS Vita. In many ways it was superior to the Nintendo 3DS and it still remains an impressive piece of hardware with a stunning library. Those pesky memory cards with exorbitant pricing didn’t help the Vita’s chances one bit though. Funnily enough, the Vita enjoyed moderate success inside Japan with healthy hardware and software sales. I can remember being in a Yodobashi store in Japan on more than once occasion in the past 4 years and seeing both males and females purchasing a Vita unit with a couple of games.

And the PlayStation booth at Tokyo Game Show always had new and interesting games for the handheld. In case you’re sitting on the fence and want to see what you’re missing out, here’s a video showing some of the best PS Vita games you’ve never played.

Farewell PS Vita.

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