Love Live! Sunshine Seiyuu Branches Out

Love Live! Sunshine Seiyuu Branches Out

Rikako Aida recently announced that she’s breaking out from the Love Live! Sunshine cover and starting on her solo career.

First things first, a seiyuu is a voice actor for those in the dark. Rikako san will be published by the joint collaboration between and A-Sketch with the label called “DMM music/Astro Voice”.

The voice of Riko Sakurauchi

Rikako san is responsible for the voice of Riko Sakurauchi and is also a part of the live group, AQOURS. The song is called “ORDINARY LOVE” and will also feature as the song for the Senryu Girl TV anime which started off as a romantic comedy manga.

Here’s your first look at the Senryu Girl anime as well:

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