Pokemon Coming To Uniqlo

Pokemon Coming To Uniqlo

A recent competition hosted by Uniqlo to design a Pokemon themed t shirt saw over 18,000 entries submitted worldwide.

Each year Uniqlo hold a contest where entrants from around the worldwide are invited to submit their t shirt design and this year the theme was Pokemon. From over 18,000 entries 24 were selected which will be added to Uniqlo’s UT t shirt range.

Making up the panel of judges were Tsunekazu Ishihara, President and CEO of The Pokemon Company, Ken Sugimori, Managing Director of Game Freak inc., and Nigo, the Creative Director of Uniqlo UT. The winning entries were only recently made public with the grand prize going to Li Wen Pei from China. The entry was titled “Ocean King” and featured a totem inspired design with Gyarados and and three Magikarp’s. The design is based around “evolution from weakness to mightiness.”

However one of the rules stipulates that the designs can’t have been used or published before and it turns out that Li Wen Pei had previously used this design before to sell phone cases. Whether or not this invalidates the first prize of $10,000 Uniqlo hasn’t commented on yet.

Mizukilobyte from Japan received the runner up prize with the below design which cleverly incorporated Unown inside an eye test.

Emily from the U.S. took out third place with her “Pikachill” design showing Alolan Exeggutor and Pikachu “chilling on a tropical beach with a fancy drink”.

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As if having your design printed and sold around the world and a cash prize weren’t enough, the t shirt designs will also feature in upcoming Pokemon games that you can customise your character with.

The t shirts will be hitting Japan on June 24, 2019 so expect to see them in your local Uniqlo store around that time too.

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