First Two Minutes Of Tokyo Ghoul S

First Two Minutes Of Tokyo Ghoul S

Tokyo Ghoul S is the eagerly anticipated follow up to the previously released, Tokyo Ghoul live action film. Here’s the first 2 minutes for you.

The film isn’t released until July but Shochiku have dropped the first two minutes to whet your appetite.

The film has a new character called Margaret who we find out lives her life as a fashion model and in a true life imitating art, Margaret is being played by Maggy who happens to be a real life model too.

The films opens in Japan on July 19 but as yet there’s no word on an international release. Masataka Kubota will feature once again as Ken Kaneki while Maika Yamamoto is brought in as Tohka. But enough talking, here’s the first two minutes of Tokyo Ghoul S.

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